Our team have a Taxi Driver's Certificate. Count on driving experience, knowledge of the best routes and the satisfaction of all your needs. There is total transparency in the amount charged, registered by taximeter. For the same cost as any other cab, you can opt for a quality service. Sound like a good deal? Do you need something adapted to your needs? In our fleet we have vans to transport wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility. Our cars are cleaned daily and the drivers follow a manual of procedures that guarantee your comfort and satisfaction.

According to your request, we will choose the vehicle that best suits your needs.

Coverage Area: Antas, Apúlia, Belinho, Curvos, Esposende, Fonte Boa, Forjães, Fão, Gandra, Gemeses, Mar, Marinhas, Ofir, Palmeira de Faro, Rio Tinto, Vila Chã.

Airport Transport

We provide professional transportation to and from ANA Portugal Airports Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport Porto OPO, Lisbon Portela Airport (LBS). Given the privileged location of our headquarters, which limits us to the North and East with Spain, we are the choice of many foreigners or nationals who embark and disembark at the airport of Vigo (VGO), as well as in Santiago de Compostela (SCQ). Plan and Book! At your arrival you can count on the car waiting for you.

Avoid additional charges for the waiting time on that delayed flight which is not your responsibility. We verify arrivals in real time and will be waiting for you, indicating visually your name or your company name, making it easy for you to find us. Feel good about who welcomes you.

As soon as you get to know the country and you don't want a Rent-a-Car service, nor adventures in public transportation, you come to discover and move around comfortably and without getting lost in your excursions, do it safely and with those who know how to take you to your desired destination.

Coverage Area: Antas, Apúlia, Belinho, Curvos, Esposende, Fonte Boa, Forjães, Fão, Gandra, Gemeses, Mar, Marinhas, Palmeira de Faro, Rio Tinto, Vila Chã.


Thinking of everyone and inclusion, we have invested in adapting our fleet and have full accessibility conditions for passengers with reduced mobility. The adapted vehicles have wheelchair access ramps. They are well equipped and duly homologated.

Fleet specifications:

- Places equipped with seat belts

- Lift platform for wheelchair access

- Systems for securing and locking wheelchairs during journeys.

We guarantee a high quality and reliable service, having at your disposal professionals with specialized training.



We are the preference of many adventurers on pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela who choose to go or come back by bicycle.

Enjoy the adventure, we take care of the logistics. We'll pick up the bikes wherever you want or give you a ride to the point you prefer.

Pick-up of bicycles and cyclists from airport or train station to your hotel or accommodation.

Organization of sightseeing tours. It is possible to make with electric bikes the way to Santiago and / or tours in Ciclovias and Ecovias of Portugal and Spain. For your travel plans there is an answer. Get in touch, schedule your appointment.

School Bus

The school transport, mostly provided to children and young people with special educational needs, which allows Taxis Esposende to be a partner of schools and municipalities in this type of service.

Do you need us to take your child to school or anywhere after school hours? Contact us. We make monthly contracts to transport your child with maximum safety and professionalism.

Schools where we offer our service:

– Agrupamento de Escolas António Correia de Oliveira
– Agrupamento de Escolas António Rodrigues  Sampaio
– Escola secundária Henrique Mesina
– Escola Profissional  de Esposende
– Escola de Música de Esposende

Vans and Minibus

Transportation of groups in mini vans, 6 and 8 seater vans, if you wish, you can also hire more than one vehicle. We can respond to your requests, all you have to do is tell us what you need. Whether on business or pleasure trips, we have the best solutions to provide you with an excellent service and with all the comfort.


táxi para caminhos de santiago

Is this the year you are really going to carry out that plan of making a pilgrimage? But has luggage always been a matter of concern to you? Don't know if you can afford it?

We make the effort for you. We carry backpacks and/or heavy luggage on the Camino da Costa route to Santiago.

And if you can't do any part of it, we can help you too. Plan ahead your route, each rest stop and the return to the path. You can arrive at your next destination and your suitcase will already be waiting for you.

Business Transport

Estamos habituados a realizar o serviço regular de transfer de funcionários para a empresa, transporte ocasional de trabalhadores, visitantes para uma reunião coletiva, uma viagem de incentivo ou um congresso. Precisa de um transporte da sua empresa, com necessidades específicas ou que sofreram alterações de última hora? Temos respostas às suas solicitações. Com disponibilidade total, todos os dias, 24 horas por dia, conseguimos estar sempre do seu lado.

A Táxis Esposende tem uma oferta especialmente pensada no público empresarial, indo de encontro às necessidades de mobilidade, flexibilidade e disponibilidade para ações e iniciativas de índole empresarial. Estamos ao dispor com o objetivo de propor uma parceria no transporte dos seus colaboradores, contando com todo o profissionalismo, comodidade, segurança, experiência e simpatia do nosso serviço personalizado, 24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana, 365 dias por ano. Os principais fatores determinantes na escolha dos nossos serviços, prendem-se com as condições atrativas que poderemos centrar na nossa proposta, direcionados à necessidade de um serviço regular ou ocasional.

International Transport

Transportation of people and goods to Spain, France, Portugal and all Europe with drivers with many years of experience in national and international roads.

Taxis Esposende is a company with many years of experience, located in the city of Esposende. We have several vehicles specialized for the transportation of passengers, making trips not only in Portugal but also to all Europe and United Kingdom. Besides the transport of passengers we also have vehicles for the transport of goods.

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