We ask you to read this Privacy Policy ("Policy") carefully to understand the policies and practices of Taxis Esposende concerning your Personal Data and how it is handled.

This Policy explains how the Personal Data of Consumers are collected, used and disclosed by the entities Taxis Esposende , as presented in the section on data controllers and contacts (Section 12) ("Taxis Esposende "). It also includes information on how the Consumer can access and update their Personal Data and how to make certain choices about the way their Personal Data is handled.

This policy covers the online and offline data collection activities of Taxis Esposende , including Personal Data that it collects through various channels, such as websites, apps, third-party social networks, customer services, points of sale and events. Please note that Taxis Esposende combines the Personal Data it collects through one method (e.g., Taxis Esposende website) with Personal Data it collects through another (e.g., Taxis Esposende offline event). In addition, Taxis Esposende combines Personal Data that was originally collected by different Taxis Esposende entities or by partners of Taxis Esposende . Please see Section 9 for more information on how to object to this action.

If the Consumer does not provide the necessary Personal Data (Taxis Esposende will indicate when this is the case, for example by making this information clear in the registration forms), Taxis Esposende may not be able to provide its goods and/or services. This Policy may be changed from time to time (see Section 11).

This Policy provides important information in the following areas:




This Policy applies to all Personal Data that Taxis Esposende collects from and about the Consumer, via the methods described below (see Section 2), from the following sources:

Taxis Esposende Websites . Consumer-directed websites operated by or for Taxis Esposende, including websites that Taxis Esposende operates under its own domains/URL and mini-sites it uses on third-party social networks, such as Facebook ("Websites").

Mobile websites/apps Taxis Esposende . Consumer-targeted mobile websites or apps operated by or for Taxis Esposende , such as smartphone apps.

Email, text messages (SMS) and other electronic messages. Electronic communications between the consumer and Taxis Esposende.

Call Centre for Taxis Esposende. Communications with the Cabs Esposende Customer Service ("SAC").

Offline registration forms. Printed records and similar forms that Táxis Esposende collects through, for example, postal mail, in-store demonstrations, competitions and other promotions or events.

Interactions with advertising. Interactions with advertisements by Taxis Esposende (for example, if the Consumer interacts with one of Taxis Esposende's advertisements on third-party websites, we may receive information about that interaction).

Data created by Taxis Esposende . When the customer interacts with Taxis Esposende, we may create personal data about him/her (for example, records of purchases made on our websites).

Data from other sources. Third-party social networks (e.g. Facebook, Google) or market research (if feedback is not provided anonymously).



Depending on how the Consumer interacts with Taxis Esposende (online, offline, on the phone, etc.), Taxis Esposende collects various types of information, as described below.

Personal contact information. This includes any information provided by the Consumer which enables Taxis Esposende to contact you, such as name, postal address, email address, social media details or phone number.

Account access information. Any information required to access the Consumer's account profile. This may include the Consumer's login ID/email address, username, password in unrecoverable form and/or security question and answer.

Demographic Information and Interests. Any information that describes the Consumer's demographic or behavioral characteristics. This may include the Consumer's date of birth, age or age range, gender, geographic location (e.g. postcode), favorite products, hobbies, interests, and household and lifestyle information.

Technical Information about the computer/mobile device. Any information about the computer system or other technological devices the Consumer uses to access one of Taxis Esposende's websites or applications, such as the Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect the Consumer's computer or device to the Internet, operating system type, and Internet browser type and version. If the Consumer accesses a website or application of Taxis Esposende via a mobile device, such as a smartphone, the information collected will also include, where permitted, the unique device ID, advertising ID, geographical location and other similar mobile device data.

Website/Communications Usage Information. When the Consumer browses through Taxis Esposende's websites or newsletters, interacting with them, Taxis Esposende uses automatic data collection technologies to collect certain information about the Consumer's actions. This includes information such as the links the Consumer clicks on, the pages or content they view and for how long, and other similar information and statistics about their interactions, such as page response times, download errors and length of visits to particular pages. This information is captured using automated technologies such as cookies (browser cookies, flash cookies) and web beacons; information also collected through the use of third party tracking. The Consumer has the right to object to the use of such technologies. For more details, please see Section 4.

Market research and Consumer feedback. This includes information that the Consumer voluntarily shares with Taxis Esposende about their experience in using the products and services it offers.

Consumer-generated content. This refers to any content that the Consumer creates and then shares with Taxis Esposende on third-party social networks or uploads to one of Taxis Esposende's websites or applications, including the use of third-party social media applications such as Facebook. Examples may include photographs, videos, personal stories or other similar media and content. Where permitted, Taxis Esposende may collect and publish Consumer-generated content relating to a variety of activities, including contests and other promotions, website attributes, Consumer engagement and third-party social networks.

Third-party social network information. This refers to any information that the Consumer shares publicly on a third-party social network or information that is part of their profile on a third-party social network (such as Facebook) and that the Consumer allows the third-party social network to share with Taxis Esposende. Examples include the Consumer's basic account information (e.g. name, email address, gender, date of birth, current city, profile picture, user ID, friend list, etc.) and any other additional information or activities that the Consumer allows the third-party social network to share. Taxis Esposende receives the Consumer's profile information from the third-party social network (or parts of it) whenever the Consumer downloads or interacts with a Taxis Esposende application on a third-party social network, such as Facebook, whenever the Consumer uses a social network feature integrated into a Taxis Esposende website (such as Facebook Connect) or whenever the Consumer interacts with Taxis Esposende through a third-party social network. For more information about how Consumer information on a third-party social network is obtained by Taxis Esposende or to disable the sharing of such social network information, please visit the relevant third-party social network's website.

Payment and financial information. Any information required to complete an order or that the Consumer uses to make a purchase, such as details of their debit or credit card (name of the holder, card number, expiry date, etc.) or other forms of payment (if available). In any case, Taxis Esposende or its payment processing service providers handle payment and financial information in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and security standards, such as PCI DSS.

Calls to the SAC. Communications with the SAC may be recorded or listened to in accordance with applicable laws for local operational needs (e.g., for training or quality purposes). Payment card details are not recorded. Where required by law, the Consumer will be informed of such recording at the beginning of their call.

Sensitive Personal Data. Taxis Esposende does not seek to collect or process sensitive personal data in the normal course of business. When it becomes necessary to process sensitive personal data of the Consumer for any reason, Taxis Esposende only does so in cases where the Consumer has voluntarily provided their prior express consent (e.g. for marketing purposes). If Taxi Esposende processes sensitive personal data of the Consumer for other purposes, it does so only on the following grounds: (i) detection and prevention of unlawful activities (including fraud prevention); and (ii) compliance with applicable law (for example, to comply with Táxis Esposende's diversity reporting ).



We do not solicit or voluntarily collect personal data from children under the age of 13. If we discover that we have inadvertently collected personal data from a child under the age of 13, we will immediately delete that child's personal data from our records. However, Taxis Esposende may collect personal data about children under the age of 13 by parents or a legal guardian who expressly consents to such collection.



Cookies/Similar Technologies. Please see our Cookies Policy to find out how you can manage your cookie settings and for detailed information about the cookies that Taxis Esposende uses and the purposes for which they are used.

Registration Files. Taxis Esposende may collect information in the form of log files that record activity on the website and collect statistics about consumer browsing habits. These entries are generated automatically and help Taxis Esposende to solve errors, improve performance and maintain the security of its websites.

Web Beacons. Web beacons (also known as "web bugs") are small code sequences that provide a graphic image on a web page or in an email with the objective of transferring information back to TAXI Esposende. The information collected through web beacons will include information such as the IP address and information on how the Customer responds to an email campaign (for example, what time the email was opened, which links the Customer clicked on in the email, etc.). Taxis Esposende will use web beacons on their websites or include them in the emails they send to the customer. Taxis Esposende uses information from web beacons for various purposes, including, but not limited to, reporting on website traffic, counting unique visitors, auditing and reporting on emails, advertising and personalisation.



The following paragraphs describe the various purposes for which Taxis Esposende collects and uses Consumer Personal Data, as well as the different types of Personal Data that are collected for each purpose. Please note that not all of the uses below will be relevant to all persons.


Em que utilizamos os Dados Pessoais do Consumidor: Os fundamentos: Os interesses legítimos:
Serviço ao Consumidor: Táxis Esposende utiliza os Dados Pessoais do Consumidor com a finalidade de prestar apoio ao Consumidor, incluindo dar resposta às perguntas deste. Isto normalmente requer a utilização de determinadas informações pessoais de contacto e informações sobre o motivo da pergunta do Consumidor (por ex., estado da encomenda, questões técnicas, dúvida/queixa em relação a um produto, questões gerais, etc.).
  • Cumprimento de obrigações contratuais.
  • Cumprimento de obrigações legais.
  • Interesses legítimos da Táxis Esposende .
  • Melhorar e desenvolver novos produtos e serviços.
  • Ser mais eficiente.
Concursos, marketing e outras promoções: Com o consentimento do Consumidor (quando necessário), a Táxis Esposende utiliza os Dados Pessoais do Consumidor para lhe fornecer informações sobre bens e serviços (por exemplo, comunicações de marketing ou campanhas e promoções). Isto pode ser feito através de e-mail, anúncios, SMS, chamadas telefónicas e correspondências postais na medida permitida pela legislação aplicável. Algumas das campanhas e promoções da Táxis Esposende são conduzidas em Websites e/ou redes sociais de terceiros. Esta utilização dos Dados Pessoais do Consumidor é voluntária, o que significa que este se pode opor (ou retirar o seu consentimento em determinados países) ao tratamento dos seus Dados Pessoais para estes efeitos. Para informações detalhadas sobre como modificar as preferências sobre comunicações de marketing, consulte as Secções 9 e 10. Para mais informações sobre os concursos e outras promoções da Táxis Esposende, consulte os regulamentos ou termos e condições incluídos em cada concurso/promoção.
  • Consentimento do Consumidor (quando necessário).
  • Cumprimento de obrigações contratuais.
  • Interesses legítimos da Táxis Esposende.
  • Apurar quais dos produtos e serviços que a Táxis Esposende oferece possam interessar ao Consumidor e falar-lhe sobre eles.
  • Definir os tipos de Consumidores para novos produtos ou serviços.

Redes sociais de terceiros: A Táxis Esposende utiliza os Dados Pessoais do Consumidor quando este interage com as ferramentas das redes sociais de terceiros, tais como as funções “Gostar”, para servir o Consumidor com anúncios e interagir com este através das redes sociais de terceiros. Poderá saber mais sobre como estas ferramentas funcionam, quais os dados de perfil do Consumidor que a Táxis Esposende obtém e descobrir como optar por negar o consentimento ao rever as políticas de privacidade das redes sociais relevantes de terceiros.

Personalização (offline e online): Com o consentimento do Consumidor (quando necessário), a Táxis Esposende utiliza os Dados Pessoais do Consumidor:

  • (i) para analisar as suas preferências e hábitos;
  • (ii) antecipar as suas necessidades com base na análise feita pela Táxis Esposende sobre o perfil do Consumidor;
  • (iii) melhorar e personalizar a experiência deste nos Websites e aplicações da Táxis Esposende;
  • (iv) garantir que o conteúdo dos Websites/aplicações da Táxis Esposende seja otimizado para o Consumidor e para o seu computador ou dispositivo;
  • (v) fornecer publicidade e conteúdo direcionados; e
  • (vi) permitir que o Consumidor participe em ferramentas interativas, quando este optar por fazê-lo.

Por exemplo, a Táxis Esposende relembra o Consumidor do seu ID de login/endereço de e-mail ou nome de utilizador para que possa fazer login rapidamente na sua próxima visita ao Website ou para que possa recuperar facilmente os artigos que colocou previamente n

  • Consentimento do Consumidor (quando necessário).
  • Interesses legítimos Táxis Esposende.
  • Apurar quais dos produtos e serviços que a Táxis Esposende oferece possam interessar ao Consumidor e falar-lhe sobre eles.
  • Definir os tipos de Consumidores para novos produtos ou serviços.

Processamento de encomendas: A Nestlé utiliza os Dados Pessoais do Consumidor para processar e enviar as suas encomendas, para o informar do estado das suas encomendas, corrigir endereços e realizar verificação da identidade e outras atividades de deteção de fraudes. Isto envolve a utilização de determinados Dados Pessoais e informações de pagamento.

Outras finalidades gerais (por exemplo, pesquisa de mercado ou interna, análise, segurança): De acordo com as leis aplicáveis, a Nestlé utiliza os Dados Pessoais do Consumidor para outras finalidades gerais de negócios, como conduzir pesquisas internas ou de mercado e medir a eficácia de campanhas publicitárias. A Nestlé reserva-se o direito, caso o Consumidor tenha várias contas de Consumidor, de conciliar essas contas numa única. A Nestlé também utiliza os Dados Pessoais do Consumidor para garantir a segurança.

  • Cumprimento de obrigações contratuais.
  • Consentimento do Consumidor (quando necessário).
  • Cumprimento de obrigações legais.
  • Interesses legítimos da Táxis Esposende.
  • Melhorar e desenvolver novos produtos e serviços.
  • Ser mais eficiente.
  • Proteger os bens e o pessoal da Táxis Esposende.

 Motivos legais ou fusão/aquisição: No caso da Táxis Esposende ou dos seus bens serem adquiridos ou fundidos noutra empresa, inclusive por meio de falência, a Táxis Esposende irá compartilhar os Dados Pessoais do Consumidor com qualquer um dos seus sucessores legais. A Viana Táxis também irá divulgar os Dados Pessoais do Consumidor a terceiros:

  • (i) quando exigido pela legislação aplicável;
  • (ii) em resposta a processos judiciais;
  • (iii) em resposta a uma solicitação de um órgão de aplicação da lei competente;
  • (iv) para proteger os direitos, privacidade, segurança ou propriedade da Táxis Esposende , ou o público; ou
  • (v) para impor os termos de qualquer contrato ou os termos do Website da Táxis Esposende.
  • Cumprimento de obrigações legais.
  • Interesses legítimos da Táxis Esposende.
  • Cumprimento de obrigações legais.
  • Proteger os bens e o pessoal da Táxis Esposende.



In addition to the Táxis Esposende entities or ad-hoc partners in the country (responsible for Táxis Esposende operations ) mentioned in the section on data controllers and contacts (see Section 12), Táxis Esposende shares Consumer Personal Data with the following organisations:

Service Providers. These are external companies that Taxis Esposende uses for assistance and support in their business (e.g. order processing, payment processing, fraud detection and identity verification, website operation, market research companies, support services, promotions, website development, data analysis, SAC, etc.). Service providers and their selected staff are only permitted to access and use the Consumer's Personal Data in the name and on behalf of Taxis Esposende, for the specific tasks requested of them, based on instructions given by Taxis Esposende, and are obliged to keep the Consumer's Personal Data confidential and secure. When required by applicable legislation, the Consumer may obtain a list of the suppliers who process their Personal Data (see Section 12 to contact Taxis Esposende).

Credit reporting / collection agencies. To the extent permitted by applicable law, credit reporting and collection agencies are external companies which TAXI Esposende uses to assist in checking the creditworthiness of the Consumer (in particular for orders with invoice) or to collect outstanding invoices.

Third-party companies using Personal Data for their own marketing purposes. Taxis Esposende does not license or sell the Consumer's Personal Data to third-party companies for their own marketing purposes, except in situations where the Consumer has given consent. The identity of these third parties will be disclosed when the Consumer's consent is requested.

Third-party recipients to use Personal Data for legal reasons or due to merger/acquisition. Taxis Esposende will disclose the Consumer's Personal Data to third parties for legal reasons or in the context of an acquisition or merger (see Section 5 for details).



Taxis Esposende will take reasonable steps to ensure that Personal Data is only processed for the time necessary to fulfil the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. The criteria to determine the retention period of the Consumer's Personal Data are as follows:

a) Taxis Esposende will keep copies of Personal Data in a form that allows identification during: i. The duration of the relationship with the Consumer (e.g.: when the Consumer is included in a newsletter mailing list and has not unsubscribed from it); ii. The period in which the Personal Data is necessary in connection with the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and Taxis Esposende has a legal basis for keeping it;

In addition,

b) The duration of: i) any applicable legal period (e.g.: period legally required for the Consumer to file a lawsuit) and ii) an additional period of 2 months after the period described above (so that Taxis Esposende can identify any Personal Data of a consumer who may file a lawsuit after the period under i), and

c) Additionally, if any relevant legal action is brought, Taxis Esposende may continue to process the consumer's Personal Data for the necessary period during the respective legal action.

During the situations described in paragraphs b) i) and b) ii), Taxis Esposende will restrict data processing to storage and the application of the respective security measures, unless such Personal Data needs to be reviewed or accessed following a complaint or any legal obligation.

After the periods mentioned in paragraphs a), b) and c) have been completed, Taxis Esposende will permanently delete or destroy the Consumer's Personal Data or, alternatively, may anonymise it.



Taxis Esposende uses various reasonable measures (described below) to keep your Personal Data confidential and secure. Please note, however, that such protections do not apply to information that the Consumer chooses to share in public areas, such as third-party social networks.

Persons Who May Access Consumer Personal Data. Consumer Personal Data will be processed by employees of Taxis Esposende or authorised service providers, accessing only the data strictly necessary, depending on the specific purposes for which the Consumer Personal Data was collected (for example, the team responsible for Consumer support matters will have access to the Consumer register).

Measures applied in operational environments. Taxis Esposende stores Consumer Personal Data in operational environments that use reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorised access. Taxis Esposende follows reasonable standards to protect Personal Data. The transmission of information over the internet is, unfortunately, not completely secure and, although Taxis Esposende makes every effort to protect the Consumer's Personal Data, it cannot guarantee the security of data during transmission via Taxis Esposende's websites or applications.

Measures the Consumer should take. It is important that the Consumer also takes an active role in keeping his or her Personal Data safe and secure. When signing up for an online account, the Consumer should choose a password that is difficult for others to guess and never reveal his or her password to anyone. The Consumer is responsible for any use of his/her account and for keeping this password confidential. In case the Consumer uses a shared or public computer, the Consumer should never select the option to remember his or her access data, e-mail or password and make sure to log out every time he or she leaves the computer. The Consumer should also make use of any privacy settings or controls that Taxis Esposende provides on its website or applications.

Transfer of the Consumer's Personal Data. The storage as well as the processing of the Consumer Personal Data described above may require that the Personal Data may ultimately be transferred/transmitted to and/or stored in a country other than the Consumer's country of residence, namely, but not limited to Germany or Switzerland.

Taxis Esposende may also transfer data to countries outside the European Economic Area (e.g. other Taxis Esposende companies), including to countries with different data protection rules from those applied in the European Union. For those situations, Taxis Esposende has concluded general contractual clauses approved by the European Commission (the consumer has the right to ask Taxis Esposende for a copy of those clauses, by contacting Taxis Esposende for that purpose) and/or will request the consumer's consent for those transfers, when legally applicable.



Access to personal data. The Consumer has the right to access, review and request a physical or electronic copy of the information held about him/her. The Consumer also has the right to request information about the origin of their Personal Data.

These rights can be exercised by sending us an e-mail or to Viana Táxis Diogo, Unipessoal, Lda, Rua André Padilha, 116 5º left back, 4900-002 Viana do Castelo, with proof of identification. If the request is sent by a person other than the Consumer, without providing proof that the request was legitimately made on their behalf, it will be rejected.

Please note that any identifying information provided to Taxis Esposende will only be treated in accordance with and to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Additional rights (e.g. modification, deletion of Personal Data). Where provided by law, the Consumer may (i) request the deletion, portability, correction or revision of their Personal Data; (ii) limit the use and disclosure of Personal Data; and (iv) revoke consent for any of Taxis Esposende's data processing activities.

Under the terms of the applicable legislation, Consumers also have the following rights relating to their Personal Data:

- The right to object, based on the Consumer's particular situations, to the use of Personal Data by Taxis Esposende, or its representatives; and

- The right to object to the processing of Personal Data by Taxis Esposende or its representatives for direct marketing purposes.

Please note that, under certain circumstances, Taxis Esposende may not delete your Personal Data without also deleting your user account. Taxis Esposende may be obliged to retain some of your Personal Data after you have requested deletion, in order to fulfil contractual or legal obligations. Taxis Esposende may also be authorized by applicable laws to retain some of the Consumer's Personal Data to meet their commercial needs.

When available, the websites of Taxis Esposende have a dedicated tool through which the Consumer may review and edit the Personal Data provided. Please note that Taxis Esposende requires its registered Consumers to confirm their identity (e.g. login ID/email address, password) before they can access or make changes to their account information. This helps to prevent unauthorised access to the Consumer's account.

Taxis Esposende hopes to be able to satisfy any questions the Consumer may have about the way we handle their Personal Data. However, if the Consumer has unresolved questions/issues, they also have the right to complain to the relevant data protection authorities.



Taxis Esposende endeavours to give the Consumer choices regarding the Personal Data they provide. The following mechanisms provide the Consumer with the following control over their Personal Data:

Cookies/Similar Technologies. The Consumer manages their consent via (i) Taxis Esposende's consent management solution or (ii) their browser, to refuse all or some cookies/similar technologies, or to receive alerts when they are being used. See Section 4 above.

Advertising, marketing and promotions. The Consumer may consent to Taxis Esposende using their Personal Data to promote their products or services, the Consumer may indicate this by ticking the relevant checkbox(es) located on the registration form or by answering questions posed by commercial demonstrators, SAC staff. If the Consumer decides that they no longer wish to receive such communications, they may unsubscribe from marketing-related communications at any time by following the instructions provided in each communication. To opt out of receiving marketing communications sent by any means, including third-party social networks, the Consumer may disable them at any time by accessing the website/application or third-party social networks and adjusting their user preferences in their account profile, unchecking the relevant boxes or by calling the Taxi Esposende SAC. Please note that even if the Consumer opts out of receiving marketing communications, they will still receive operational communications from Taxis Esposende, such as order or other transaction confirmations, notifications about account activities (e.g. account confirmations, password changes, etc.) and other important non-marketing announcements.

Personalisation (offline and online): Where required by law, if the Consumer wishes their Personal Data to be used by Taxis Esposende to provide them with a personalised experience/advertising and targeted content, they can indicate this by ticking the relevant checkbox(es) on the registration form or by answering the question(s) presented by the commercial demonstrators or the SAC. If the Consumer decides that they no longer wish to benefit from such a situation, they may cancel the receipt at any time by accessing the website/application and adjusting their user preferences in their account profile, unchecking the relevant boxes or by calling the Viana Taxis SAC.

Interest-based advertising. Taxi Esposende has partnered with advertising networks and other ad serving providers ("Advertising Providers") who serve advertising on behalf of Taxi Esposende and on behalf of other non-affiliated companies on the internet. Some of these advertisements are tailored to the interests of the Consumer based on information collected on the websites of Taxis Esposende or non-affiliated websites over time. The Consumer may access the website to learn more about this type of advertising, as well as how to disable interest-based advertising practices, from companies participating in the Digital Advertising Alliance's ("DAA") self-regulatory program. In addition, you may opt out of such advertising in the mobile applications of companies participating in the DAA's AppChoices application by downloading the application from the iOS or Android shop. The Consumer may also stop the collection of precise location data from their mobile device through the location services settings on their mobile device.



Taxis Esposende will update this privacy policy if it changes the way it handles Consumer Personal Data. Taxis Esposende reserves the right to make changes to its practices and this Policy at any time; please check back regularly for any updates or changes to the Taxis Esposende policy.



To ask questions or make comments about this policy and about the privacy practices of Táxis Esposende, or to make a complaint about Táxis Esposende's compliance with applicable privacy laws, please contact Viana Táxis via: or by post to Viana Táxis Unipessoal, Lda, Rua André Padilha Nº116 5º Esq. Trás 4900 - 002 Viana do Castelo, or call 258 107 107, from 08:30 to 20:30, Monday to Saturday (except public holidays).

Taxis Esposende will acknowledge receipt and investigate any complaints about the way it handles Personal Data (including complaints alleging that Taxis Esposende has breached consumer rights under applicable privacy laws).

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